Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Funeral

We buried Pa today, April 2, at Arlington National Cemetery.

It was a nice service, although my eulogy ran a bit long so things got out of order at the grave site. We did the flag folding and twenty-one gun salute before the pastor said the final words. It was wet, so most folks couldn't come to the grave site due to the mud, but my Mother, sisters, and brother and I were all there at the front row. The military does such a nice job of honoring those that serve. I know my dad always loved being in the Navy, it was such a big part of him even though he retired when i was just 13, the Navy was in his blood. On the day of his funeral, I felt so proud of him. He came from humble roots and accomplished so much.

It was nice to see so many of Dad's friends and shipmates come out for his service. It was a very fitting way to pay tribute to him. Being buried at Arlington is such a great honor. Dad will always be a part of America's history, and for decades to come, his gravesite will be cherished by all of us who pay tribute to those that serve our country.

I miss him...