Sunday, March 15, 2009

More than a month

It has been more than a month since Pa left us. Life seems to be back to normal for me. Since the Spring is usually not a time when we have lots of family gatherings, not seeing Pa doesn't seem at odds with the status quo.

Today, I was at my parents' house collecting pictures to put together a DVD of Pa's life for his service on April 2. My brother John and his wife Jo were there, and we all sort of joked that it seemed normal and that we wished Pa would get up and come down to join us. For the past few years, when ever we went to visit, he always seemed to be somewhere in their house doing something, never wanting to just sit and talk--that is until it was time to leave. Then, he would walk you out to your car and proceed to have a 45 minute conversation about just about anything and everything. Those conversations are a big part of my memories now. I cherish them.